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How Do You Live The Best Life Possible?

Move into a peaceful, safe location that has clean air! Inhale and feel how fresh and health-promoting the air is! Ahhh...

Wake up at 5am every single day! Set 3 alarms so that you guarantee that at least one goes off, and position them far from your bed so that you have to get up to turn them off!

Drink pure water, lemon water, and green juices!

Eat low-fat, low-protein whole plant foods and anti-inflammatory herbs!

Exercise Every Single Day!

Develop a system that delivers healthy, happy, cooperative, conscientious women to you!

Impregnate as many women as possible, as many times as possible!

Produce as many children as possible! Build a prosperous, polygynous family!

Join the LTBLP Gated Community! Be happy and healthy all the time!

Live, work, and play at the LTBLP Resort on the Las Vegas Strip!

What is LTBLP?

We are building a super healthy, peaceful and cooperative society that will inspire America to become great again.
I've built this idea in my mind over a long period of time. I want to create a community of people who are better people, so that I can live in a prosperous, health-promoting environment.

We are on a mission to live the best life possible. We are going to create a neighborhood where everyone is happy and healthy all the time. This is possible because we are going to have the discipline and become habituated to, living in the ways that produce the most happiness and fulfillment for everyone.

I will explain below what this lifestyle is. If you are as passionate about this as I am, then pm me, and then you can come over to my place and we can get this started. Our goal is to create our own social circle, our own clique, and keep growing it.

The lifestyle is very strict as compared to how most First World people live, because that is what is needed in order for everyone to experience the most pleasure and fulfillment without damaging their body or mind, or harming anyone else. Here is the lifestyle:

- Each man's purpose is to build (or otherwise manifest) a house for himself, and attract as many women as he desires to it and live in it and be part of his family. He gets to have all the sex he desires, and impregnates all the women (uses no contraception or birth control). His reproductive power is maximized, therefore he feels as happy and fulfilled as possible.

- Each woman's purpose is to produce as many babies as she desires (and her desire will be extremely strong) and raise them.

- The reason for all the sex and reproduction is because everyone's brain is under-stimulated due to avoiding anything stimulating which is damaging to the body or imbalances the mind. So we avoid drugs, cigarettes/nicotine, alcohol, weed, caffeine, animal protein, chocolate, coffee, modern gluten, GMO, flavor enhancers, refined grains, processed foods, etc. We only eat organic, whole plant foods, by default. As I am typing this right now, I am eating organic pinto beans, non-organic avocado, and salt. We also avoid toxic media programming. We don't watch TV, movies, etc. except for ones that are approved and revered by us.

- Because our brains are under-stimulated, we pursue exercise, gardening, and other pastimes with more passion than the average modern person does. In general, we are way happier and more alive than most people.

- The women are feminine and the men are masculine. The men get to be who they want to be. They get to express their sexual desires to women. Everyone knows that men's purpose is to impregnate women, so everyone embraces that, and people regard the male's sexual interest as totally normal and natural, and it is encapsulated in art form. Muscles, virility, strength, vigor, a healthy, erect penis...people live by and feel proud about, because it is who they are. Women enjoy being wanted sexually by their man, because they are not on the birth control pill, any other medication, and they do not stimulate the same part of the brain that sex does every single day with coffee, chocolate, ice cream, etc. So, they are hungry for sex. They crave to spread their legs for their man. Every single time they are embraced by their man, it reinforces feelings of security, love, trust, etc. in them, and feels wonderful. They are very hungry to be impregnated by their man when they are biologically ready to be impregnated. They crave to grow a baby inside them, and hold their baby and be with it 24/7. It's natural. The women can be girly and feminine when they feel like it, and wear the most feminine clothing that they desire, without being judged negatively by other women or people. Everyone can be who they are truly supposed to be, and everyone respects that. Because everyone is healthy, everyone looks clean and normal. No one has tattoos, crazy hair, gothic clothing, etc.

- There are no motor vehicles, because motor vehicles are big and cause people to feel somewhat afraid, tense, or on edge, just because it is a big object moving around in the environment, and being in such an environment, where big things are moving around, will cause the person to feel subconsciously threatened. We create an environment that is conducive to happiness, calmness, peace, and reproduction. Making Love.

- We recommend that every man and woman get to know each other extremely well before engaging physically and sexually. Our intent is to form strong, lifelong mental and emotional bonds with each other, a philosophical and practical compatibility, so that the relationship is as functional, cooperative, and harmonious as possible, and the sex is literally heavenly (I have experienced this before...it is no exaggeration). A foundation of trust must be established over time, by each person telling the truth and being honest and sincere. And each person should understand what he or she is committing to and getting into. Then the man and woman should have a formal ceremony, similar to a wedding. Then, when they connect physically and sexually, they will already have confidence that their relationship will last a lifetime. The sexual part of the relationship only happens once the philosophical and practical compatibility is established, and there are no errors, no incompatibilities, on paper. The man will commit to take care of the woman financially for the rest of his life, and the woman will commit to producing babies and raising them with that man for as long as she is physically able, until menopause. No legal marriage will occur, because that implies cynicism, that divorce may happen, and if it happens, the woman will use other men (the government/police) to force the man to relinquish half of his estate, and alimony, or go to jail. This is not the right way to operate a relationship, because I believe you can never make love with a woman if you are married, because there is always that fear of losing the woman, because you know that the woman has that assurance in her mind, that if you get divorced, she will be able to get other men to force you to pay her. And this idea of divorce being a possibility I believe is enough to prevent the woman from being fully faithful emotionally with you, because there is at least some fear in her mind that the marriage will fail. Not good. In order to make love and experience heavenly ecstasy, pure love and bliss, you must have as close to perfect an amount of trust and faith in the other person as possible. When you decide that you will care for your partner for life, no matter what, in sickness and in health, and when the woman does that too, and you both fully trust each other, that's when you make love most effectively, and you create a power that is literally heavenly, that is the best, healthiest pleasure possible. Both people must be in a spirit of faith, of proactively creating harmony in the relationship. There must be no entitlement or complacency at all. Each person must be giving, giving, giving. Vulnerable and giving. Vulnerable and giving. Attentive to the other's needs.

- Women crave childbirth and look forward to the experience. They do not fear it, because the truth is that childbirth is not normally painful, if the right diet is eaten, and if the woman is expecting it to be pleasant. It's a totally easy experience and is the completion of the dating process. So, women (and men) think about it in the same way as they do about dating, romance, sex and making love. They understand that they are happiest when they are involved in the process of sexual reproduction, because they believe it is their purpose. Other people in the world describe it as "being one with God."

So if you come over to my place, we will start forming a master mind, and momentum toward creating this ideal neighborhood and lifestyle which will serve as a model which will influence the rest of the U.S.A. and the world to live the best life possible. If you don't come over now, then we can work together remotely with the intent to live together in the LTBLP neighborhood in the future. In the mean time, I will be working on attracting as many people as possible who are also as passionate about this lifestyle as I am, and we will get a house together, land, and keep expanding.

Email me at daniel@ltblp.com and we'll begin!

LTBLP - Live The Best Life Possible!