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The purpose of LTBLP.com is to program people to become the best people possible.  Therefore, content that is deemed to cause the viewer of it to become less good will be removed. 


The dream, the goals of LTBLP.com, is to change the people on Earth to become extremely healthy, happy, productive and reproductive.


One goal is to have girls be extremely excited to wed a great man on the day they turn age 16.

Boys should have multiple sources of income, financial security established, by the time they turn 16, and own a house with land, so that girls will be serious about him, and not seek and prefer older men


We want to see videos of




Funerals where the dead person is praised and all the good traits, aspects, habits, accomplishments of the person are discussed and celebrated.

Families eating dinner together

Mothers cooking and preparing meals

Cleaning, showing a clean house, their cleaning routine

High-quality products, such as a Kirby Vacuum, or other useful products.

Polygamous relationships and how they function properly

Gardening, growing and eating the freshest fruits and vegetables

Happy, health-promoting music